Why we’re here

by J Scott Fuqua

Why are we here?

I don’t mean on Earth or in Baltimore City, which is a really good question, but why are you at this site?

Don’t actually know. Maybe you just found yourself here, like I sometimes find myself in strange places. However, if you intended to arrive here, you’re here because I am a writer of stories (not books) and an illustrator of those stories, a narrator with words and images.

I tell stories about things that intrigue me, ideas that seem important, and issues that rattle my bones, or at least rattle me to the bone. And if I do it right and well, then I teach people something that maybe I don’t know, help them understand something that maybe I don’t get, and introduce them to people I’ve made up or didn’t.

Mostly, I think there’s nobility in trying to provide moments of escape, in attempting to show the humanity in humans, in seeking to provide comfort for the quiet moments of life, when the sky feels low and gray and the ground feels soft underfoot.